CHOOSE SMART NOW is an On Demand Courier Platform that connects Shippers and Drivers and gives visibility to control your Order with real-time tracking

CHOOSE SMART NOW Courier Platform Shippers will be able to

  • Submit Your Order or Request a Quote from Drivers with single or multi drop offs Order
  • Cancel the Order before the Driver Accepts the Order without any Fees
  • Edit/Delete the Order before Accepting any Drivers’ Quotes without any Fees
  • Receive update notifications, including pick up and delivery confirmation with pictures and who accepts the freight
  • See real-time tracking of your Order
  • Be able to communicate with the Driver via Chat Box or call/text message
  • Manage your Order via easy-to-use App
  • Use coupon codes if available
  • Pay per Order with no extra fees (no monthly fees)

CHOOSE SMART NOW Courier Platform Drivers will be able to

  • Receive new job alerts after providing work availability hours
  • Accept/Reject the Order or Submit Your Quote once the Shipper Requests a Quote
  • Contact the Shipper via Chat Box
  • Receive payments every week
  • Use the App free of charge with no transaction Fees
Get a Quick Quote

If you wish to proceed with current Quote, please download our App. You would be able to Request a Quote from Drivers once you download the App as well

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